In ‘Segment, 1990’, his apocryphal anthropological story, Juan Munoz goes out searching for the true origins of the complete enigma that we call space. With it he gave solid ground to the imagination of the artists.
With the reconstruction of a fiction and by making an ‘anthropological act’ concrete, they visualised a new story.
This event, this anonymous happening, created an anonymous interaction between art and a local community.
During this summer-long happening, the unknowing onlookers became temporary but factual inhabitants of the ‘Réceptable’. They heard the resonance of several aspects of our society and also the resonance of the deep of their subconsciousness. When the public is removed from the construction, it looses its functionality, because of the distance.

Reniere&Depla 2000-2004 (book)

20 x 21 cm 30 x 50 cm 30 x 50 cm 30 x 50 cm 30 x 50 cm 30 x 50 cm 30 x 50 cm