The fragility of the shadow

This series is a pictoral inquiry of the way an image can be brought back to its intimacy, to its fragility, to its shadow side. Intimacy can be a response of some sort to a feeling of existential unrest. The paradox of intimacy is then used as a tool, a searching for the formal margin where intimacy and its partition are condensed into silence. With the risk of sliding into an egocentric narcissism or ending up as Peeping Toms, they endeavour, with all the necessary timidity, to seek for photographic images of their own. Their nomadic journeys from sprawling cities to the inertia of the countryside and back again are of vital importance to this artistic exploration.

Reniere&Depla 2005-2009 (book)
Hans Theys in Reniere&Depla 2005-2009 (EN)
Hans Theys in Reniere&Depla 2005-2009 (NL)

48 x 60 cm 30 x 40 cm 30 x 40 cm 40 x 51 cm 40 x 25 cm