Les messagers de l'angoisse

Messengers are people who move in time, from place to place.
They carry time and spaces with them into a future time and to different places. They are gifted observers, workhorses of history, death-traps to hypocrisy and incubators fort (a)morality.
They carry the great, immense messages of human existence. They are constantly amazed and frightened at the handling of their monstrous pack. With their back turned to the future, they are the bewildered witnesses of so much pain and fear, of the clouds that have turned to a grave. Sometimes they are willing to linger a while and they hope “to raise the dead and to reunite what was destroyed.”
And then the wind sets and memories start, written down and spoken, until the storm of progress drives on the messenger, into the future, to which he has turned his back.
(free after: W.Benjamin, Über den Begriff der Geschichte.)

Les messagers de l'angoisse (NL)
Reniere&Depla 2000-2004 (book)